Insulineo is the tracking book for your diabetes always at your fingertips.

Write down the results of your blood sugar, insulin injections, meals and carbohydrate intakes, and physical activities. All this information will be written into your self-monitoring notebook and you can show it or send it to your doctor.

Insulineo helps you calculate the number of carbohydrates in your meals. The application incorporates a carbohydrate booklet in the diet containing the main commercial foods and their amount of carbohydrates. You can also scan the barcode of a commercial food product to get its carbohydrate levels as well as its nutritional composition, allergens and additives that may be present.

You will be able to customize the list of foods by adding your own eating habits.

Insulineo offers you an assistant to calculate the ideal dose of insulin to inject before meals and takes into account residual boluses and upcoming physical activities. This assistant uses the principle of functional insulin therapy.

Insulineo can also be used even if you are not using functional insulin therapy, it handles all methods.

Insulineo is designed to adapt to your treatment, regardless of your protocol: injections by syringes, pens or insulin pump. Simply fill in the information and settings of the application. You can ask your doctor to help you set up the app properly.

Insulineo offers you several modes of display of your self-monitoring notebook. Either in the form of a complete history of all the information entered, or in the form of a classic notebook identical to paper format, or in the form of graphs. It also tells you the statistics that doctors usually ask for. It even calculates a theoretical value of your Hb1Ac (glycated hemoglobin). You can email your self-monitoring book and statistics directly to your doctor.


Insulineo offers a procedure for importing data from your blood glucose meter. This will help you avoid re-entering your blood glucose tests.

Insulineo offers management of your medical appointments, a notepad to scan your prescriptions or record important information.

Insulineo sends you reminder notifications for your basal injections, post-meal blood glucose tests, changes to your pump catheter, or taking a medication other than insulin.

Insulineo can also send your tracking log data to Apple’s Health app.

Insulineo has its interface on the Apple Watch to capture blood sugar, injections, carbohydrate intakes and physical activities directly on the watch without having to take out your phone.

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